Industries We Serve: Construction, Manufacturing, and Steel

Direct Connect Transport serves a diverse selection of clients working in a variety of fields. The industries we serve range from construction to manufacturing; we’re able to transport loads for any type of business. Our various modes of transportation include vans, trucks, intermodal rail, and refrigerated trucks.


Our extensive client list includes building supply companies and other construction-related businesses. We deliver essential materials to the job site within the expected time frame so that your building project can keep moving forward. If you need heavy construction equipment transport, we can load it up and take it to the location where you need it. We know how disruptive shipment delays can be to your project, so we take all the measures necessary to avoid them.


In addition to heavy-haul loads, we provide freight shipment of manufactured goods and products. Whether you need to transport one pallet or several, we have the right service to fit the job. If you don’t have enough product for a full van or truckload, make use of our partial-load shipments or LTL options. We also have trucks for refrigerated freight shipping for those whose products need a climate-controlled environment.


We regularly serve steel mills by offering reliable delivery of steel products and other large shipments. Because we work with these clients consistently, we understand the unique challenges of transporting high volumes of steel. Depending on the weight of the shipment, we’ll use truck or rail freight modes to protect your valuable product from excess moisture and other harmful weather elements.

We also offer machinery transport and delivery services for equipment dealers and other companies that rely on large machines. We’re committed to all the industries we serve, so no matter what type of operation you run, Direct Connect Transport is here to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of all your unique goods and products.

Let Direct Connect Transport provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for any industry freight shipment that you need.