Items We Transport: Machinery, Supplies, and Manufactured Goods

Our years of industry experience have given us the ability to haul a variety of cargo. We’ve perfected our freight transportation process for all the items we transport, from heavy machinery to manufactured products.

Heavy Machinery Shipping

We can handle your largest shipments with our heavy load services. We’ve transported many types of oversized items, such as oil rig and drilling machinery and manufacturing equipment. Our carriers use transport vehicles capable of supporting heavy cargo ranging in weight from 10,000 pounds up to 120,000 pounds.

Farm Equipment Transport

From plough transport to tractor hauling services, Direct Connect Transport is prepared to take on the shipment of any type of farm equipment. With loads as big as these, we make safety a priority by taking extra precautions to protect your valuable equipment from damage during transport.

Construction Equipment Hauling

Construction sites depend on heavy equipment to complete jobs in an efficient manner. We can deliver the right machinery to the correct site on time so that projects stay on schedule. Examples of jobs we’ve tackled include excavator, loader, and bulldozer transport.

Manufactured Goods Shipments

Our carrier vehicles include refrigerated trucks, which enable us to transport anything with special temperature requirements. We’ve taken care of large-scale shipments of food and drink products, as well as paint and other climate-sensitive substances. We also execute forklift delivery and the transport of any other equipment you may need to move goods within your facility.

No matter what you need us to transport, we’re up for the challenge. Our expert carriers consider the unique specifications for all the items we transport to make sure we’re using the service that best suits the job. Our offerings include truck freight and van delivery, LTL shipping, and intermodal rail services.

Let Direct Connect Transport provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for freight transportation service of any item you need shipped.