Truckload and Partial Freight

Our Truckload and Partial division services include Flatbed, Van, and Refrigerated. Our Broker’s are constantly keeping in touch with 1000’s of qualified carriers that make up our diverse carrier base. These carriers provide not only professional service but safe and reliable transportation of your goods..

Van Transport

Direct Connect Transport offers van shipments all over North America, whether it be a full load or a partial load we are ready to handle anything. Our vans range in length depending on the size of the shipment.

Flatbed / Stepdeck

We offer all types of flatbed movements spanning the continent including Stepdeck, Double Drop, and RGN trailers for tall shipments. Our driver’s carry tarps of various sizes to ensure covering of deck loads. We transport a variety of different shipments.


As of recent we have had a surge of refrigerated customers that are looking for secondary providers for climate control trailers. Whether for food, drink, or paint product we have the means to get your product transported safely and at the correct temperature.


Let Direct Connect Transport provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your truckload or partial or freight shipment today.