FTL & Partial Load Freight Transport Services

Our professional FTL and partial-load freight transport services are designed to handle any type of load. We have fleets of vans, flatbeds, and refrigerated trailers so that we can use the right vehicle for each shipment. If your cargo is too small to justify truckload shipping, we can still help with our partial-load service or LTL option. If you’re unsure which service will work best for your needs, our brokers can help you make the right decision. We have an experienced team of professionals who care about your cargo and who work hard to coordinate fast, reliable freight shipping from point A to point B.

blue semi van on road

Van Transport

Direct Connect Transport offers van shipments all over North America. Whether you need full truckload shipping or partial-load freight service, we are ready to handle anything. We can also accommodate dry van loads in our watertight vehicles. Our vans range in length depending on the size of the shipment.

red flatbed truck with black tarp cover

Flatbed / Stepdeck

We offer all types of flatbed movements across the continent, including stepdeck, double-drop, and RGN trailers for tall shipments. Our drivers carry tarps of various sizes to ensure proper covering of deck loads. We transport a variety of different shipments, including heavy machinery, equipment, building supplies, and manufactured goods.

white refrigerated truck at loading dock


Recently, we have had a surge of customers requiring refrigerated freight service and looking for secondary providers for climate-control trailers. Whether for food, drink, or paint products, we have the means to transport your product safely and at the correct temperature.


No matter the size or contents of the shipment, we prioritize prompt delivery and careful handling of your products or equipment. We partner with the most reliable carriers in the business to ensure we’re maintaining this standard with each and every transport. We’ll handle your truckload or partial load with care and expediency. Let Direct Connect Transport provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your FTL and partial-load freight transport service today.